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Forces and Matters

Valdir Aguilera

The Christian rationalist doctrine teaches that the Universe is composed of Force and Matter. There is not a single portion of Space without the presence of these two principles. Where there is Matter, there is Force acting in it, and where there is Force, there is Matter bearing its action.

The Force presents itself and manifests itself in different ways. On the physical plane, Physics identifies four fundamental forces, associated with fields or interactions, namely: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong. In regard to them, it has been possible to explain all the phenomena observed in the Universe, cosmic or microscopic.

Much effort has been made by theoretical physicists to reduce the four types of force to one. Partial but important results have already been achieved. We believe in ultimate success, for these four types of forces are particular manifestations of a more fundamental Force.

In the same way that Force manifests itself in many forms, Matter also appears in several categories, which establish fields where the Force can manifest itself to carry out its evolutionary process. For this reason, they are called fields of manifestation of the Force. (1)

These categories of Matter are characterized by different states of density. The most known of these states are solid, liquid and gaseous. These states limit the exercise and functions of Force in the physical universe. There are, however, other more subtle states of Matter that provide Force with conditions to extend and develop its functions. These states of matter are called, in general, astral matter.

When Force reaches the evolutionary state that allows it to act in a human body - and becomes known as spirit -, he uses, in the process of incarnation, two types of astral matter with which he (spirit) will constitute his temporary identity. One of these matters is his fluidic body, which he carries with him for eternity. This matter is part of the internship-world (spiritual world) to which he belongs. The other is astral matter belonging to the world (physical world) in which he will incarnate.

Before incarnating, to prepare the physical body that will use, Force (Spirit) uses his fluidic body and matter of the fluidic atmosphere of planet Earth. Etheric is the name given to this matter and with it is prepared the model, or archetype, which will determine the appearance of the physical body, as well as provide conditions that the spirit will need to fulfil the program outlined in his internship-world (spiritual world). The body formed with this matter is called the etheric double.

For example, it is the etheric double that will determine whether a physical body will be more or less beautiful, whether he has the proper voice of a singer or the sensitivity of an artist, etc. This archetype is constructed with the intermediation of the fluidic body of the incarnating spirit, under the action of natural laws still unknown to us, and its construction is supervised in all its details by the Superior Astral.

Although the Superior Astral oversees the formation of the physical body, it is important to note that after the incarnation and the complete formation of the physical body and the etheric double, the good or bad maintenance of them will depend on the good or bad use that the spirit makes of his free-will.

In the etheric double flow energies from the irradiating points located in it, in the same way that the blood flows in the physical body from the heart. It is through the etheric double that the physical body receives the determining elements of health. Any violation committed against the etheric double reverberates in the physical body, and vice versa. Spirits of the inferior astral can spread deleterious fluids on the etheric double and on a person's fluidic body harming his health. Hence the importance of practicing psychic cleansing daily.

After disincarnation (physical death), the spirit takes with him his eternal fluidic body, but leaves behind the etheric double, which will fade as the physical body decomposes. Both the matter of the physical body and that of the etheric double are returned to the fields of manifestation in the fluidic atmosphere of planet Earth. We can say that the etheric double is born with the physical body and fades with it.

After the disincarnation of the spirit, the etheric double generally disintegrates in the vicinity of the physical body. It is sometimes seen hovering over a tomb and confused with the spirit of the deceased. If the spirit disincarnates victimized by a contagious disease, the deleterious elements of this disease remain in the etheric double and can be used by spirits of the inferior astral to be spread on other people to the detriment of their health. Hence cremation is recommended. When the physical body is incinerated, the etheric double immediately disconnects from it, decomposes and returns to its field of manifestation, making it impossible its use by forces of the inferior astral.

Many emotions that the spirit needs to overcome for his progress are facilitated by certain categories of etheric matter which surrounds only the fluidic atmosphere of school-worlds. This is one of the reasons why spirits can not evolve in internship-worlds.

We see, therefore, that an incarnate spirit counts on: a physical body, a fluidic body and an etheric double. With them, it carries out part of the evolutionary process that every particle of Force has to accomplish.

(1) From the book Christian Rationalism, 44th (Portuguese) edition, 2010, Force and Matter Chapter.

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