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Materialism: Monotheistic Religion

Valdir Aguilera

Mankind has invented religions for all tastes. You are not religious only if you don't want to or you got disillusioned with the promises they contain in their core. The disillusioned, and those who think they are owners of the truth and know everything, usually take refuge in materialism.

What is materialism? This philosophical doctrine arose in Greece, in the sixth century BC when some philosophers rejected the explanations given by religious myths and were firm in the idea that knowledge should be based on the observation of nature, followed by reasoning.

Over time, the materialistic doctrine has gained new forms. Today, in a nutshell, it says that the only substance that exists in nature is matter and everything, absolutely everything, has its origin in it.

According to materialism, everything that happens in nature has a simple and unique cause, chance. If the solar system has the structure that it has, it is because the matter that makes up its planets, comets and the Sun itself were organized under the command of chance. If the human body has the properties it has, it was chance that was responsible. Our body could have been formed in another way, but the probability of organizing as we know it is the result of chance, of more probable events.

It was chance that structured the human mind itself, which later came to imagine and create the idea of chance itself. Chance eventually created itself!

There is no way to make a materialist change his mind. He prefers to maintain his position and his rather limited explanation of the universe and natural phenomena. Materialism has its dogmas, like all religions, making it one of them.

Materialism and science should not be confused. The latter paves the sure way to unveil the laws that govern universal phenomena. The former is a philosophical belief, a monotheistic religion that created its own god: Chance, creator of all that exists in the universe.

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