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Mediumship Phenomena

Valdir Aguilera

Since ancient times mediumistic phenomena have been causing awe and wonder. In ancient Greece they were manifested by the Pythonesses, the most famous being those of Delphi - considered to be priestesses of Apollo - who produced their oracles, both desired and feared. The Pythonesses were mediums of incorporation. [1]

The mediumship of incorporation is more common than we might think and it manifests itself in various forms. Ignorance of the faculties of the spirit leads to several misleading explanations. Some believe that mediumship is a phenomenon caused by brain dysfunctions; others believe that it is a divine grace, or a manifestation of demons.

More rare and impressive mediumnistic phenomena have been studied and reported by several researchers, mainly throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. They are produced by mediums of physical phenomena. Let's talk about the best known.

Levitation: Objects move in the air without a visible physical cause. All researchers report the levitation of the medium himself, whose body is suspended in a vertical position at a height of approximately 30 centimeters. At other times the body of the medium enters into a cataleptic state, is led to a horizontal position, suspended and placed on a table, or another piece of furniture in the vicinity. When Luiz de Mattos was beginning to devote himself to the study of spiritual phenomena, a medium was levitated and his body remained hovering on the table for a few moments. The Superior Astral drew attention to the fact that producing such phenomena was not the purpose of the Doctrine (Christian Rationalism) and that this was intended only to leave no doubt in the minds of those present about the reality of psychic phenomena.

A remarkable case occurred with the extraordinary medium Home (Daniel Dunglas Home) reported in the book "Levitation," by Albert de Rocha [2]. Home, in a state of trance, levitated, his body went out through a window and then entered another.

Teleportation: Objects are teleported from one place to another, even far away. When an object is teleported from the inside of a box, or furniture, to outside, the impression it causes is that there has been the passage of matter through matter. This hypothesis was discarded, because matter cannot penetrate matter. What happens in these cases is a disintegration of the object being teleported and then the rematerialization of the object elsewhere. Visual mediums tell us that they see the object shortly before its materialization, but with enormous dimensions and that they collapse to their usual dimensions when they materialize.

Another finding during the research and experiments carried out is that the teleported object was often hot when rematerializing.

Research has shown that living things, at least insects, can also be teleported without suffering any damage. [3]

Materialization: Mistakenly and popularly called 'materialization of spirits', several occurrences of this phenomenon are reported in numerous books. To quote one of them, we suggest Phenomena of Spiritualism, (or Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism) by William Crookes. [4]

Spirits do not materialize. The materialized forms are created by the action of spirits (forces) on astral matter. Usually this matter is temporarily subtracted from the astral structure of the medium. At the end of the manifestation of the phenomenon (the astral matter) is returned to it.

The experiments reported in the books mentioned here were conducted by experienced researchers who have taken all the necessary precautions to eliminate any possibility of fraud or deception. William Crookes is considered among the most important scientists of the 19th century, both in the field of physics and chemistry. Albert de Rocha was director of the Polytechnical School of Paris, the most respected institution of higher education in France. Ernesto Bozzano was professor of philosophy of science at the University of Turin. He was one of the few Italian researchers named honorary members of the Society for Psychical Research, American Society for Psychical Research and the Institut Métapsychique International. Before dedicating himself to the study of psychic phenomena, he was an inveterate materialist, a skeptic, a positivist.

The bibliography provides us with vast material for study.


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