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Valdir Aguilera

Mediumship is a subject that must be debated without the constraints of mysticism, superstition or religiosity. It is a matter of interest to all, since what we call mediumship is an inherent quality to every human being, to a greater or lesser degree.

Mediumship is a psychic quality like so many others that enrich us: imagination, capacity for conception, perception, etc. Intuition manifests itself through mediumship. He who hears voices when no one hears them, sees things not visible to others, smells imperceptible even to those around, has other unusual perceptions, suffers from various types of syndrome, is experiencing all this because of this psychic quality. (mediumship).

History records notable instances of visions and auditions (voices, etc) and qualifies them as supernatural. However, we are tired of knowing that there is no supernatural. All phenomena have a cause, perhaps still unknown, but, of course, natural.

This refuge in the supernatural has occurred since times immemorial. Primitive humans, out of ignorance, attributed the meteorological phenomena to the mood of the gods. If they were angry, they would shoot lightning to calm down or, for vanity, show their powers. The development of scientific knowledge has been projecting light and dispelling the darkness of superstition, with undeniable benefits for all.

It is a mistake to attribute the effects of mediumship to mere hallucinations, for this word leads to the erroneous interpretation that they are somehow fabricated by the brain. When a child in its early years plays and talks as if someone else is invisibly present, it is unconsciously using the faculty of mediumship. For reasons still unknown, this attribute almost always loses in intensity over the years. In many, however, it continues and sometimes more intensely. Some people, to whom mediumship has not weakened, even think they are going mad, as if madness was a concept of understandable meaning. We know as much about madness as about mediumship.

When mediumship manifests itself strongly, spiritists say that the individual is a developed medium and that it is a divine grace. If it manifests weakly, but rather noticeably, they assert that the individual must develop it. They are moved for religious reasons, although they often do not admit it. The subject, however, is serious enough to be under the dominion of superstition, since mediumship has brought much loss and misfortune to those who have developed it and do not understand what is happening to them.

Mediumship and its effects have been treated with various methods: exorcisms, discharges (1), etc. That is not the way. What needs to be done is to study the subject under scientific criteria, that is, experimentally. Only then will we be able to understand and clarify the subject, for the enrichment of Science and the consequent benefit for all.

(1) Discharges: herbal baths or baths with salts used in Candomblé and Umbanda to eliminate so called deleterious energies from mediums. They are also called purification baths.

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