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The Earth's Fluidic Atmosphere

Valdir Aguilera

To understand what the Earth's fluidic atmosphere is, it is necessary to recapitulate the concept of evolution of the spirit and what are school-worlds. (Be sure to keep in mind that when we speak of spirit, we are talking about you, about all of us who are passing through this life.)

The law of evolution is the master law to which all other evolutionary laws are subordinated. Under this law everything is evolving. What does it mean to evolve? It is easier to understand this natural process if we recognize that evolution means transformation. Transformation from one condition to another more elaborate, richer in quality.

The spirit does not escape this imperious evolutionary process. His evolution is a process of learning in its broadest sense, both intellectual and spiritual. For you to learn, you have school-worlds at your disposal. Earth is one of these worlds. The knowledge acquired here (on Earth) is limited, as is the learning offered in normal schools. Even with limited knowledge, completing a course at a school requires several years of study, multiple enrollments, and you need to study subjects at ascending levels of difficulty. The situation is no different in school-worlds. The spirit has to return to them (school-worlds) multiple times, and knows that it is precisely there that it finds opportunities to develop a diversity of attributes and faculties.

If the school is good, it puts at the disposal of its students a library with textbooks that approach subjects related to the program structure of the course. The school-world Earth is a good school, an excellent reservoir of knowledge. As such, it puts at the disposal of the spirits who come here to live one more reincarnation the "books" that they will need. What are these "books"? They are appropriate categories of fluidic matter that the spirit, in his reincarnation process, adds from various fields interconnected to the planet, to his fluidic body and his future physical body to develop the program idealized in his spiritual world. This specialized fluidic substance is called etheric matter. The process of aggregation of etheric matter continues until the spirit takes possession of the physical body, and carries on during his earthly living.

What are these fields connected to the planet Earth? How did they come about? It is worth searching the answers.

The school-world Earth did not appear overnight. It was developed in stages during which layers of etheric matter were aggregated in order to allow forces of various categories to act. First the physical body of the planet was formed, collecting from the universal space etheric matter suitable for the formation of atoms. Then etheric substances were added to form a gaseous atmosphere necessary for the appearance of living beings, plants and animals. For the evolution of spirits it was necessary to add to the planet an etheric atmosphere that would allow them, for example, to express feelings and develop reasoning. This whole process lasted for millions of years.

What caused this continuous aggregation of etheric matter to the planet? The law of evolution and its subordinates in operations supervised and administered by Superior Forces. It could not be otherwise, for there is not a single process in the whole Universe that is not caused by the action of Forces on Matter.

Thus, planet Earth has been transforming and preparing to be a school-world for spirits, who must go through the reincarnation process to carry on their evolution. This preparation, as we have seen, meant to add to the planet an appropriate etheric shell. What does appropriate mean? It means having etheric materials of proper categories for the spirit to execute the plan of activies prepared in his spiritual world.

It is worth adding, for a better understanding, that the etheric matter which the spirit has at his disposal and collects in the reincarnation process has the proportional characteristics of the degree of spirituality it reached in previous stages. In the process of adding etheric matter to their bodies (fluidic and physical), the law of cause and effect also applies in accordance with their way of living in previous reincarnations.

Returning to the law of evolution, the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth is not an exception, as it is also being partly transformed by the etheric matter that is returned to it when the spirit disincarnates and returns to his spiritual world. Some of these materials were polarized by the actions of the spirit during his incarnation. They are not in the same condition as they were when they were gathered in the reincarnation process and are available for the reincarnation of other spirits, including himself, if necessary.

What does "polarizing" etheric matter mean? It means to record in them vibrations resulting from the actions of the spirit. The result may be matter impregnated with good or bad vibrations. We may return to this subject in another article. For now we shall have this summary on the current topic: the Earth's fluidic atmosphere is a set of etheric materials of various qualities suitable to each stage of the evolution of Forces throughout the kingdoms of nature.

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