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The Natural Laws

Valdir Aguilera

In the Universe there is no place for chance. Assigning a observed phenomenon to chance is to sign an attestation of ignorance of some natural law. "God does not play dice", Einstein correctly and wisely said, referring to the probabilistic interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Everything that happens, physically and spiritually, is the result of the action of forces regulated by natural laws. Nothing escapes these laws. Nothing prevents them from imposing themselves, nor does it allow them to change. Therefore, the unforseen does not exist. If something happens, there is always a deterministic explanation.

Knowledge of these laws is essential if we are to understand the Universe and conduct our lives with greater wisdom and make a better use of our reincarnation.

In an uncommitted way, and to avoid unnecessary complications, let us classify natural laws into two groups: those that act on the physical plane and those that operate on the spiritual plane.

Human science has already identified some of the first group; Newton's laws are an example. Let's not deal with them now. In this article, we are interested in some of the laws of the second group, although they all determine, in the way they act, the events that occur in our life and around us.

Law of attraction This law is triggered by thought. In a very simplified way, we can give you the following statement: "You attract what you think".

As a result, positive thoughts attract positive things and negative thoughts attract negative things.

This law explains the situations that hit us, what we are getting. It reflects and materializes our thinking. For example, those who live thinking about diseases do not have good health.

Therefore, it is important to watch over our thoughts, so as not to give shelter to those (thoughts) that bring us unhappiness.

"It is practically impossible to avoid negative thoughts all the time," some may say, and rightly so, because we are not perfect. In times of carelessness, we may see ourselves engulfed by negative thoughts. So what to do? One idea that works is to tell ourselves, with respect to the thought that struck us, "It has arrived, but it will not stay", and not welcoming it by thinking about something else.

The person who seeks happiness should not search for it in some distant place. Happiness is close to you, because around you there is a fluidic field magnetized with the values of thoughts that you generated and fed.

In conclusion, this law shows us that everything we attract into our lives has the quality of our standard of thought. Therefore, it deserves special attention.

Law of cause and effect This law is triggered by our actions. It is also known as the "law of return". In a nutshell, this law tells us that we reap what we sow. We can give you this simple statement: "Every action corresponds to a reaction of the same quality."

An action aiming for the good produces a positive retroactive effect on the person who practiced the act. The other side of the coin tells us that the practice of evil will revert against the wicked person.

The result of this law can be delayed, but it does not fail. The consequence of an act may manifest itself in the present life or in a future one, but it is nevertheless fulfilled, for it is an immutable law. Naive is the person who thinks that he can get rid of his actions by means of offerings of any kind, or by the mercifulness of a supposed higher being.

If there is so much suffering in the world, we can credit it to the ignorance of this law. This is already a good reason to also give special attention to it. Let us remember this phrase attributed to Hosea: "They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind".

Some people often think that the law of return is a punishment imputed to the wrongdoer, an "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" type of penalty. It is not a punishment, its result should be seen as an alert, a shaking to wake up. The pain that it can cause is inevitable and purifying, even necessary, and useful so that the spirit, when confronted with its own acts, becomes aware of what must be done for his improvement.

Law of purpose This law is related to the role that each force has to fulfill in the dynamics of the phenomena that occur in Space.

Forces are in a continuous process that seeks to bring forth intrinsic attributes, ready to be manifested and perfected. This process is associated with a path to be followed, specific to each force, an individual evolutionary trajectory, suitable for each purpose. These trajectories are interrelated in a synergistic entanglement or interlacing, each force with its direction, its purpose, its role with specific functions to perform in its entirety. This role is assigned by the Universal Intelligence, and can not be replaced by another.

In the earthly world, it is not uncommon to see a parent forcing their child to pursue a professional career. Life has shown that if the profession preferred by the father does not suit the "vocational calling" of the child, the outcome may not be good.

Law of forgetfulness This law allows the reincarnated spirit to work for his improvement without encountering unnecessary difficulties. He must have conditions that give him opportunities to advance his evolution, and do not hinder his progress.

Recognizing animosities from previous lives or feeling remorse for wrongful conduct are conditions that could deny the spirit the ability to exercise his free will without the interference of what has occurred in previous lives. The spirit must find new challenges to face. For this to happen, the past must remain in the past.

Considering all this, forgetfulness of previous lives is important for the spirit to have a life without undesirable obstacles that may disturb him, such as those mentioned. Not to recognize animosities, thus making reconciliations possible; not seeing past mistakes emerge during his new life, which can be humiliating or shameful. The law of forgetfulness is a wise law. What could we expect from its author, the Universal Intelligence?

Although the spirit does not remember past lives, he retains in his subconscious the experiences that he acquired when going through various situations he was subjected to. He also carries tendencies resulting from the way he conducted himself during his evolutionary journey. These experiences and tendencies will present themselves in his future lives and will influence them. It is the law of cause and effect, which we have dealt with earlier.

Law of love It is this law that harmonizes and dynamizes the whole Universe. It is out of love that we respect the free will of our brothers in kind. We know that they need to make their choices, because this is the path that leads to gather experience and knowledge and, thus, progress in their evolutionary journey.

In times of difficulty, or misfortunes, it is the law of love that leads us to put ourselves in the situation of another person and, in this way, to make a better evaluation of what is happening.

It is the law of love that leads us to selflessly help those most in need. If we expect a reward or compensation, our help becomes a business.

Law of evolution This is the greatest of all laws, to which all others are subordinated. It is this law that presides over all the transformations that occur in the Universe, whether in its material component (planetary, solar, galactic systems, etc.) or in its spiritual element (vibratory characteristics of forces). These processes are continuous, uninterrupted. Nothing is static in the Universe.

The evolution of forces is mandatory. Each has its place in Space with a role that was conferred upon it at the very moment it emanated from the Great Focus (Universal Intelligence). This role is not random, for, as we know, nothing happens by chance. However, the evolutionary trajectories to be covered by forces are not prearranged and rigidly established in their details. As a spirit, the trajectories may be longer than they needed to be. This is because there is the free-will factor, which is a faculty conquered by him.

Other natural laws It is quite probable that there are other laws yet to be discovered and of a nature unimaginable by us in our current and little advanced evolutionary state.

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