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The Power of Thought

Valdir Aguilera

The spirit is a force. Like all other forces, it is constantly vibrating. A vibration emits waves that propagate in the medium in which they occur. It is said that the vibration was transmitted.

As an example to illustrate this phenomenon, let us take a stick and let it vibrate in a bowl of water. We will notice the formation of waves that form at the point where the rod touches the water and they move away from it in all directions. The ripples continue to be produced while the rod is vibrating. In this example, water is the medium in which vibration is transmitted. Waves are things created by vibration, and have their own existence. Thought is a vibration of the spirit, therefore it is transmitted becoming a thing, like the waves mentioned above, with existence and own characteristics [1]. Some of the characteristics of thought are intensity, form, color, tone and odor.

Thoughts are things, we repeat. As such, they have real forms carrying energy and power. That power causes effects. Understanding the effects of thought is a matter of utmost importance because they play a relevant role in the happiness or misfortune of human beings. Let's look at some of these effects.

If the emitter of a thought targets someone, that is, she's thinking about her, the latter may or may not absorb the original thought; it will depend on the conditions under which she is. Once she has grasped and incorporated the thought that came to her from outside, she may be under the impression that it was her who created it. She may even get in touch with the other person and say "Look, I was thinking about you! What's new?"

Let us now consider the specific case of someone desiring evil to come upon someone else. This desire causes a vibration of the spirit and, consequently, a thought that will be transmitted towards the possible victim. Will evil succeed? It depends, as we shall see. Thoughts reflect the psychic condition and the character, permanent or temporary, of a person and they create around her a fluidic atmosphere which is called aura. It is this aura that will welcome or repel thoughts that come to it and will determine whether or not there is affinity with some thoughts that reaches it. If there is, it will absorb such a thought; otherwise it will repel it by not giving it safe harbor. In this case, the aura is acting as a protective shield.

An absorbed thought produces, in the person who welcomed it, an effect defined by the quality of that thought. If the sender was determined to cause evil and the aura of the target allows its effect to be felt, the victim will feel unwell, may even become ill. If her aura repels the thought, it returns to its origin where it will bring up the planned consequence of the emitter. This natural phenomenon is commonly known by the phrase "In doing evil, one does it to oneself" So whoever is a victim of a malevolent thought can not blame the one who conceived it. It is also her fault to have created a favorable psychic environment around her which matches the quality of the original thought. It is important to be aware of this and not blame so-called "spiritual harassments" to justify the unhappiness you are going through.

Even though thought does not have a person as a target, it is not without consequences, due to the power that carries with it. By affinity it will join other thoughts of the same quality forming a whole which increases its power as new afflicted thoughts accumulate and increase. This whole, this mass of thoughts, also have their own existence and produce effects. By the law of attraction, one can get in touch with people by inducing or reproducing in them the emotions, feelings, desires or other mental states that they hold in their minds.

Even those seemingly harmless thoughts or feelings, such as not liking a person because you think they do wrong things or complaining about a situation or condition you are in, can generate negative possibilities. Mentioning or spreading superstitions (Friday the 13th brings bad luck, for example) is another practice that add to the strength of currents of negative thoughts. It seems harmless, but it is not, as it is not harmless paying attention and wasting time with bad news released by the media. Let us not be indulgent or complacent with our thoughts, for they are not with us.

By the law of cause and effect, we are today the result of what we thought in our past. Let us therefore take care of our thoughts, for they are now shaping the days of tomorrow. Feeding optimistic, creative, joyful, positive thoughts, in the end, lead us to connect, by affinity, with currents of thought of the same value, of the same quality. We have this power to choose what we attract to our psychic surroundings. It is wise, therefore, to exercise this power well, and we must do so with determination and confidence.

Let us therefore try to administer our thoughts by feeding only those that bring us well-being and the will to progress, both in the physical and in the spiritual realm. Thoughts of this nature are positive and drive off, repel vibratory currents of opposite quality that may slow down our progress in the path we have planned for our stay on Earth. Our health will be grateful.

Let us make a black list where ideas of persecution, thoughts of disaster, of defeat, of low self-esteem and others of the same negative nature appear. And let us consult it often, to avoid feeding such ideas. We know that it is practically impossible to prevent a bad thought from afflicting us. Faced with this reality, if on the one hand we can not prevent it from reaching us, on the other, we can not give it safe harbor saying with confidence: "It has arrived, but it will not stay."

[1] Thoughts are things, Edward Walker

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