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The Power of Words

Valdir Aguilera

Do you know how many words you speak every day? You don't know and it's not important but it's a lot. However, in your oral communication, how many words are preceded by an evaluation on their consequences? Few, in general. Why? Because we have no idea of the power of words. We think that they are carried away by the wind, that they vanish, which is true. The sounds that accompany them don't last long and do not go far, but their effects are a different story. They can stay and have long reach. How does this happen? We can only evaluate the power of words and their effects under the light of spirituality. Let's try to explain how.

Before they are articulated, words are preceded by a vibration of the spirit - a thought - and every vibration produces a fluidic form which is recorded in the subconscious of the one who has uttered them and is transmitted by the fluidic atmosphere of the Earth.

Therefore, to articulate a word means to emit a vibration and this always has a quality: it can be positive or negative. Thus, when we speak we vibrate, and by vibrating, under the law of attraction, we link ourselves to similar currents with the same quality of the vibration. These currents are produced by both incarnated and disincarnated spirits.

Let's consider some examples.

Injurious words are preceded by negative vibrations that can cause damage. Many times these damages can not be mended. Those affected by words, by hearing them, absorb them by registering them in their subconscious mind. By remembering them, they strengthen them with such intensity that they can even succumb to self-destruction.

How can a disaster like this happen? The mechanics of this is very simple. As we have said before, those targeted by insults record the harmful words in their subconscious minds and begin to vibrate in tune with them, and this creates opportunities for those affected, to become victims of the inferior astral. The balance of the consequences is that everyone loses: the ones who uttered the insulting words, the ones who absorbed them and nourished them, and even the spirits of the inferior astral, who feed from the spiritual recklessness of the incarnated spirits (people). Everyone, without exception, sooner or later will be affected by the law of cause and effect.

One area that is very sensitive to words is that of feelings and emotions. It is important to ask ourselves if we would like to hear from someone what we are saying, putting ourselves in the other person's shoes. This spiritual ability to put oneself in someone else's place, which we should strive to perfect is called empathy.

Knowing its power, how can we take care of the words we are going to utter? One way is not to take forward what we hear, because sometimes we do not even know if what was said is true or false. For those involved in the matter, words can cause psychic pain.

Another caution we must take is associated with the following situation. How many of us have noticed that people do not reflect on what they say when they are angry or nervous? So if for one reason or another we get into one of these psychic states it is better to keep our silence. That way, we can avoid grudges and resentments.

Not talking too much, not getting involved in matters that do not concern us is another healthy practice.

If for some reason we have to criticize someone, let it be in their presence, never behind their back, and use the right words. What are right words? They are those founded on honesty, and full of kindness and good will. If we act that way, we are sure that our criticism will be heard, appreciated and welcomed.

Let us remember that the main reason, if not the only one, to be here (on Earth) is to work for our improvement. And part of that duty is to avoid uttering unnecessary words, let alone words of strong negative charge. Therefore, taking care of them, is a job of special importance, a responsibility that we should not neglect and fail to fulfil.

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