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The Purpose of Life

Valdir Aguilera

It is not uncommon to hear that life comes down to being born, procreating and dying. This is too simplistic an image, due to the lack of a broader knowledge of the universe.

We can only understand what it is to live if we understand the Universe better. We are not referring to the physical universe of which we already have, or think we have, a reasonable knowledge. So which universe are we referring to?

The space that contains galaxies, stars, planets, etc. is one of the planes, or dimensions, of the Universe, the physical plane. There are others, the astral planes. On the physical plane, matter appears in visible forms - atomic for example - and invisible, in the form of dark matter of which we have limited knowledge. In the astral planes matter is in fluidic state, apparently not organized and structured as in the physical plane. We could conjecture that dark matter is fluidic matter. However, we do not want now to take this thorny path.

The basic, central statement to develop our topic is as follows: "The Universe is in constant evolution (transformation)". Everything in it, without exception, is also changing. These transformations do not happen by chance, they are governed by laws, some already known in the physical plane.

Turning then to our need to know the Universe in order to understand life in its purpose, we begin by recognizing that the basic elements of which the Universe is constituted, essentially boils down to two: Force and Matter. (Note that energy is not a basic, primary element, for it is an effect of forces operating on matter.) For clarity, in some specific circumstances we will designate Force as Universal Force.

If everything is evolving, the spirit (you, me and all human beings) is no exception. But what is a spirit? To be able to answer, let us make the following considerations: Being Force and Matter the basic elements of the Universe, the spirit must be one of these two elements. Matter certainly is not, nor is there anything in it. The spirit is therefore immaterial. It's Force.

Like everything in the Universe, the spirit is also evolving. What does his evolution consist of? Let's continue with our presentation.

Matter has only one attribute, inertia. By itself it is not capable of producing any phenomenon. The Force on the other hand is rich in attributes and manifests itself in nature, producing innumerable phenomena, such as the forces that science has already identified and studied. The spirit is an individualized particle of the Universal Force and differs from other spirits by the set of attributes and faculties he has acquired and developed in several stages of the global evolutionary process. These attributes and faculties were in a dormant state since he (the spirit) individualized himself. They were innate qualities waiting to be manifested.

That said, we are in a position to understand the purpose of life. Unless we deny that the Universe is in constant transformation, we are led to the logical conclusion that we are living for the sole purpose of transforming ourselves, developing and enhancing our attributes and faculties. For this to happen, we are born and die. Many times. Why many times and not just once?

In the panorama we paint, the spirit needs environments that offer opportunities to improve. One of them is planet Earth, where he (spirit) is offered the necessary opportunities. As with a student who has to enroll for many years in a row - each school year with its beginning and end - in order to absorb the content of school subjects, so too the spirit must here manifest himself several times to be able to reveal his dormant qualities.

Now, yes, we are in a position to understand the purpose of life and to realize that it does not end, it is not a single one. Each of us has had countless of them, for they are necessary and available to the spirit to fulfill the sovereign law of evolution. This is the purpose of life, of every life.

In the style of "moral of the story", let us try to make the most of our present stay in this school-world, improving ourselves and thus minimizing the number of "enrollments" in our course.

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