Valdir Aguilera
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The Reincarnation of the Spirit

Valdir Aguilera

Christian Rationalism, through the books it publishes, offers us most valuable teachings. We can take advantage of them to enlighten our path avoiding detours, both in the earthly and in the astral life. It also offers opportunities and foundations to propose hypotheses and develop our thinking. Undoubtedly, an exercise that develops and perfects our intellectual resources.

Often the lessons lie between the lines waiting to be discovered. In the process of searching, intuition plays an important role. Hence the recommendation that we study the Doctrine unhurriedly and with attention. With the study following these steps, we not only benefit ourselves, as stated above, but we also find material that offers us opportunities and gateways to extend the teachings, and even to extrapolate them.

In the essential work of Christian Rationalism, the attentive learner may identify tips that seem purposely loose to be united in different parts of the text.

We know, for example, that in his spiritual world the spirit is programmed for a new reincarnation. When he finds the opportunity, he projects himself into the dimension of the school-world in which he will reincarnate. In this process, he collects from different fields of materialization the fluidic material appropriate to what was previously programmed. They are additions to his fluidic body necessary for him to develop his attributes and faculties, thus continuing his journey through the evolutionary trajectory he has to go through.

How is that collection done? It is a good question. To propose a response, we must rely on what we know about the power of thought.

To think is to attract, Christian Rationalism teaches us, a consequence of the Law of Affinity. As we will see in our proposal, it is this law that will administer the collection of fluidic matter in the process of reincarnation.

The actions of a spirit are engraved in his fluidic body. Every action is preceded by a thought. And here a power of thought manifests itself: it is the thought that produces the imprinting. As a result of this recording, his fluidic body is, say, magnetized to receive, by affinity, the materials he needs to accomplish what he has programmed before.

We now come to a logical conclusion. In programming his new reincarnation, the spirit thinks about what he intends to do, and it is the power of thought that leaves his reincarnation plan engraved in his fluidic body. With his fluidic body prepared and magnetized like this, he projects himself into the dense world in which he will reincarnate. In this process, his fluidic body is being enveloped, by affinity, with the fluidic materials of the proper category for the execution of his program. This occurs without the need for the spirit to interfere. It's like someone walking into a pool. He will get wet, water sticks to his body without him making any effort.

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