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We are all Mediums

Valdir Aguilera

Mediumship is a divine grace, it is a mental illness, it is a punishment from God. Among others of equal content, these are opinions of uninformed people, who have no knowledge about the faculties and attributes of the spirit. Misinformed opinions.

It is not a divine grace, for God (Universal Intelligence) does not grant favors or benefits - each one reaps what he has sowed; it is not a mental illness, for in order to call it like that it would be necessary to know what the mind is - which they do not know; nor is it a punishment, for no one is forced to have mediumship.

Then, what is mediumship?

Mediumship is one of the many sensory perceptions that the human being is endowed with. It is a channel of access to less dense planes than the Earth plane. When it manifests itself in the form of intuition, it is called "intuitive mediumship," which psychologists prefer to call "emotional intelligence." At least they admit it's a human being's faculty. It remains to be admitted that this faculty is common to all people, without exception.

Those who have had the patience to get to this point of the text may be asking themselves, "Is it being said that we are all intuitive mediums?" Yes, that is what is being said: we are all intuitive mediums; in some people other forms of mediumship may be manifested, but this subject will not be covered in this article.

Through the faculty of intuitive mediumship, we obviously capture intuitions. Therefore it is important to know what intuitions are.

Intuitions are thoughts that come to us from outside, attracted by the law of affinity. What does this law say? Without engaging in the mechanisms behind the process, in simple words it asserts that related thoughts attract, combine and strengthen each other. Let us note this detail: strengthening each other.

A researcher engaged in the pursuit of knowledge that can help humanity, captures intuitions that lead him to succeed in his work. These intuitions are thoughts vibrated by spirits of the Superior Astral.

On the other hand, by producing or nourishing negative thoughts, a person infallibly opens the doors to receive thoughts of the same kind - sent forth by spirits of the inferior astral - and other similar thoughts of low vibration that abound in currents that propagate and cross in all directions in the Earth's fluidic atmosphere. The process of receiving negative thoughts lasts in direct relation to the time in which the person remains in the initial (negative) mental attitude. If it is a passing thought, the harm caused will be less; if the sentiment lengthens in time, the intuitions will be strengthened, leading to a possible uncontrollable situation. As a result, disasters and fatalities may occur.

If we are not careful, we can receive bad intuitions and act inappropriately. We may get confused by some ideas that come forth and think that they are our own thoughts. It is therefore appropriate to analyze and reason about the implications and consequences of what comes to mind. We must not be careless and should be constantly vigilant, alert to the kind of thoughts we produce and feed.

Knowing how to receive good intuitions is therefore a very interesting question and obviously an important one. We leave the answer to Moyses Martins Ribeiro: "It is better to substitute the verb to receive for the verb to seek. So, how to seek good intuitions? Through the practice of good, we respond, by having good thoughts, elevated feelings and an exemplary conduct in our earthly life."

Let us meditate on these wise words and make them a rule to be followed in our lives.

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