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What is Intuition

Valdir Aguilera

One attribute of all forces is vibration. It is their intrinsic nature to vibrate and vibrate constantly. At no time do they fail to do so. Vibrations trigger the universal law of attraction and repulsion.

The vibrational characteristic of the forces causes them to attract other forces with which they have affinity. Or reject them, if antagonistic.

The spirit is a force, so it is also constantly vibrating. It is this attribute that allows you to think. However, we should not hastily conclude that everything that vibrates thinks. There are innumerable modes of vibration, which produce diverse and specific results. Not everything that vibrates generates thoughts, but every thought is the result of a vibration.

In thinking, the spirit creates forms with the fluidic matter that always accompanies it. These forms are objects, because they have existence, can be seen or felt. These things created with the power of thought are transmitted and can join other forms generated by thoughts of the same nature. These thought-things are loaded with feelings, intentions, or information that can be perceived or captured by other spirits (incarnated or not). The perception and the capture of a thought are possible thanks to an inherent faculty of every spirit called intuitive mediumship. A thought thus captured is called intuition. Intuition is therefore something that can be captured through one of the faculties of the spirit.

By capturing an intuition, it can incorporate itself into the spirit (of someone) in such a subtle way that it produces the sensation that it was he who created it. The explanation for this is that the spirit (of someone), when receiving an intuition, if he has affinity with the feeling that accompanies it, is because it vibrated in harmony with the quality of the thought that he absorbed. If there is no such affinity, the intuition is not perceived, is not assimilated, and ceases to have effect.

We hope it is now clear that intuitions are thoughts that come to us from the outside. They have a source. They came from another spirit (incarnated or not). This process is called the transmission of thought.

The spirit that emitted the thought may have been motivated by some intention; if it was to cause good or evil to someone, it can succeed, or not. It will depend, as explained above, on the condition of the target.

Let us briefly dwell on another aspect, already mentioned, of this transmission of thought.

As has already been said, thought-forms can carry with them information as well as feelings. It is by this means that more advanced spirits - such as those belonging to higher worlds than ours - transmit information to other spirits, for example researchers. In seeking a solution to a scientific problem or working to discover the cure of an illness, they are able to receive and absorb information that will show them the way to reach their goal.

Such information can also be intuited with the intention of indicating the solution to any common problem that may arise in the course of the life of any of us.

As we are all receiving intuitions constantly, it is in our highest interest to know how to protect ourselves from the negatives, which can give rise to various evils, such as obsessions, diverse syndromes, fears and other psychic problems. In this sense, that is, to protect us from evil intuitions and maintain our mental balance, Christian Rationalism recommends the practice of psychic cleansing performed twice a day at times we choose, one in the morning and another at night, and always at the same times. The recommended hours are 7.00am and 8.00pm. In addition to this healthy practice, we must conduct our lives in accordance with the guiding principles set forth by the christian rationalist philosophy.

By doing this, and by watching over our conduct, we will not only be protecting ourselves but putting ourselves in a position to take advantage of good intuitions.

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